The Blessings of Being a Woman.

“Mother”, “Maman”, “Mommie”, “Hooyo”, Mum” “Manman”, “Amai”.

All of these words mean “Mother” to me.  Women were chosen by God to be mothers.  We were chosen to give birth. We were chosen to carry another human being. We were chosen because of the qualities a woman embodies: patience, kindness, resilience, determination, creativity, and intuition. We are the source of creation.  We are love.  To think that we are seen as the “inferior” or “weaker” gender is simply comical.  It denies reality.  To all the women who raised me, loved me, and make me shine, I thank you.  To all women, reach within you and take ownership of all the amazing qualities buried within you.  Let these qualities shine.  You are a woman, you are beautiful, you are chosen to be the source of creation. Your love capacity is infinite.  Love yourself with no apologies.  Just love yourself.  Being a woman is reason enough to be proud.  Go out there, radiate your beauty and create your best life which will of course include:

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