A New York real estate attorney routinely handles real estate contracts, related real estate documents, closings, and real estate disputes. They help real estate clients structure and negotiate complex commercial and residential property transactions.

In the New York City area, if you’re purchasing commercial real estate or if you are planning to sell a commercial property–or even if you are only buying or selling a home–before you take another step, you should consult with a New York real estate lawyer.

Do you really need a lawyer to help you with a real estate transaction? Isn’t that a real estate agent’s job? Exactly how can a real estate attorney’s advice and guidance benefit you? Keep reading because these questions will be answered below.

Legal Guidance for Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Commercial real estate transactions are quite complicated procedures. Closings require scrupulous attention to detail. We will identify for you the possible risks as well as the potential advantages of any particular real estate transaction.

We will address your concerns in a commercial real estate transaction, from inspections to lien checks to closings. Our work is not finished until you’re satisfied and comfortable with the entire purchase and sale process.

Unlike a real estate agency, broker, or agent, we do not work on commission, so we’re free to represent you without any conflict of interest. If you do not have honest legal guidance, you could expose yourself to real financial risk in a real estate transaction.

However, when you collaborate with a New York real estate lawyer, you’ll receive quality legal services and advice, and you’ll get something that money cannot buy–peace of mind.

Legal Guidance for Residential Real Estate Transactions

Selling or purchasing a residence–as an investment or as a home–is a big undertaking filled with potential complications and risks. You’ll have plenty of choices to make and details to remember.

But whether you’re selling or buying, a real estate attorney can offer you practical insights, trusted legal advice, and the top-notch legal services you’ll require for a residential property purchase or sale.

We will guide you through each step of a home sale or purchase. We will protect your long-term best interests and review each document to make sure that the transaction complies with New York law and to ensure that you’re treated fairly throughout the process.

Comprehensive Help With Any Real Estate Transaction

When you choose to work with a New York real estate lawyer, we help you in ways that may include but are not limited to:

1. representing you in any real estate-related legal dispute
2. drafting and negotiating the necessary contracts
3. determining the ownership of a property that isn’t clear or that’s disputed
4. advising you about the conditions and terms of the transaction
5. consulting with title companies and lenders to ensure a smooth closing

In the New York City area, to discuss obtaining legal advice for a commercial or residential real estate transaction, or to learn more, contact a real estate attorney at 718-237-0411 to schedule your first legal consultation.