Stop the Killing!  Stop the insanity!  No matter how many you kill, we will rise again, again, and again!!!.

Black people are not going anywhere.  We are not going to disappear.  You may kill 10,000 a day 30,000 more will rise.  Through all the centuries of killings, one of us managed to become President of the United States with a beautiful, fabulous first lady by his side.  Countless have managed to become, innovators, entrepreneurs, surgeons and physicians, lawyers, artist, and unsung contributors to the advancement of our world. We are God’s first creation.  We are here to rise.  We are here to stay.  We make America beautiful.  Just like you, we will be here until the end of eternity.  Make peace with that idea.  Stop making yourself into monsters for no reason.  You will never win this battle.  You too have a beautiful heart, but you must go within you to find it.  Black people are not your problem.  Your inner demons are your problem.  Go within, talk to your demons, start the healing process, and start enjoying your life.  Black people do not need permission from anyone to breathe, to live.  It is our right from God.

George Floyd may die today, you may kill another one tomorrow, 30,000 more will rise.  Still we will rise.  Stop making Black families shed unnecessary tears.  Stop the killing, stop the insanity.  We are here to stay.  We are not going anywhere.

Create your best life which will of course include:

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