A new day has arrived in this world. This new day shows us all what we knew all along: We are one. We have more similarities than differences. We need each other. We must serve each other. We came here on earth to thrive, expand, have fun, and ultimately be transformed to a higher state. However, in order to experience the best transformation possible and enjoy that higher state of being, we must live our best life, give our best, do our best, enjoy our best while we are in our physical state on earth. When at last we are transformed to our best state, we will know that we lived our best life, did our best, and had the best earth life ever. Therefore, even today with Coronavirus, we must commit to wake up every morning, reflect on what will make us live our best life and make a decision to live it. That best life will of course include:

  1. Washing our hands frequently with soap for 20 seconds or more
  2. Not walking around the house with shoes we wore on the streets
  3. Nodding to acknowledge neighbors, no hugs, no handshakes
  4. Reaching out to friends and family to ensure that they are all ok
  5. Lending a hand to those experiencing difficult time in this crisis
  6. Giving our best to everything that we are doing today
  7. Sharing sanitizers and toilet papers, should you have more than enough
  8. Cooking our best meal, wash all fruits and vegetables (my mother used to soak fruits and  vegetables in vinegar and water for 2 hours, then wash each leave before cooking them)
  9. For those of us who do not know how to cook it may be a great time to learn
  10. Sharing recipes
  11. Sitting down around the table and having an electronics-free meal with family
  12. Reading that book which we always wanted to read
  13. Sharing the titles of these books
  14. Watching that movie on Netflix
  15. Working on a Business Plan
  16. Working on a Vision
  17. For us business owners and entrepreneurs, thinking on how we can bring peace of mind to our clients

Today is still your best day!!! Enjoy it!!! This is The Law Offices of Marjory Cajoux and we remain ready and committed to serve your immigration, real estate and Probate and Administration needs.