The power of our imagination.

We are now entering the phase identified as “Pandemic Fatigue”, which, according to some takes a toll on the self, others, and relationships.  We as humans have an amazing gift from the universe called Imagination, which can help us during this time if used properly and consistently.  Children are experts at it.

For those of us who are well, healthy and alive, we can use our imagination and live in any space we desire.  Our lives are not limited to the walls of our home.  We have the ability to travel, see, hear, and smell whatever we want with our imagination.  Do you know that everything you are using today started with somebody’s imagination: the bed upon which you sleep, the wonderful chairs around your dining table, your soaking bathtub, the beautiful home in which you are spending your days, the planes you are missing so much these days, the recipe of foods you are enjoying, the glass of wine you are sipping, the fashionable clothes you are wearing, that tool called zoom which is enabling you to remain connected, and so on.

As humans, we are made whole, perfect.  We have everything within us to face any obstacles.  We have seen the great Mandela liberate a nation while in jail, Malcom Little being transformed in jail into Malcolm X, and Isaac Newton changing the world while in quarantine.  We can do so much with our imagination.

Today instead of focusing on our limitations because we are home, we can go within ourselves, use our imagination and start painting, writing, dancing, creating that great piece of music, that great business, or simply imagining that being within us who is screaming to emerge and unapologetically becoming that person born to serve and change the world using all these talents buried within.

Let’s use our imagination and become that person whom we were born to be, and of course continue to do the following:

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