In Honor of Haïti.

The month of May has been designated as Haïtian Heritage Month and today May 18, 2020 is Haïtian Flag Day.  I will forever be grateful to have been born and raised on that beautiful island called Haïti Bohio Quisqueya “Land of the Mountains” “Mother of All Lands”.

I grew up in Haïti where I was taught to love, pray, serve, appreciate learning and be “Unremorsefully Me”.  As I came of age, I realized the power in all the messages received in Haïti: my blackness, I was taught, is a sign of my beauty; my intelligence, a sign of my power; my words, a source for kindness, and God being the light that guides my life.  I matter.  My life would never be in vain for I was born for a purpose which will be revealed to me in time.  I believe in all the messages and use each and every one of them to create my life and overcome my obstacles.  I just love Haïti, the people are warm, the food is delicious, the paintings are vibrant, the culture is alive. We are a passionate group of people who love to dance, sing, learn and are very proud of who we are.  Thank you Haïti for you have made me who I am today and you have provided me with the tools to serve my clients, my family, my friends and everyone else I happen to meet on my journey.  The lessons received in Haïti have been my source of strength and have been a guiding light for me during this crisis.  In honor of Haïti Bohio Quisqueya, let’s continue to create our best life which will of course include:

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