Are you stuck at home during this crisis with an abusive spouse and you are scared of leaving or calling the police because you do not have a green card? Are you tired of waking up in the morning and being told that:

  • “You are good for nothing”
  • “I can have you deported anytime I want”
  • “The food tastes like garbage. It’s too spicy or it’s cold”
  • “Why is my laundry not done? What have you been doing all day?”

In certain cases, you are being slapped here and there followed by numerous apologies. You believe the apologies just to experience the same tyranny all over again the next day

  • You are cursed at or made fun of,
  • You are being sexually abused or forced to watch pornographic movies
  • You are forced to do things against your will
  • You are constantly living in fear of being deported

The list goes on and on …

If you are that person, I am talking to you; and I am telling you that this is your opportunity to change your life now.

Even if you do not have a green card. You have no place to go. You are terrified for your life or the safety of your children. You do not know what to do.  I am here to tell you that you can apply for your green card  without the assistance of your abusive American or Permanent Resident spouse.

  • You can have your green card and start creating the life you have always dreamed of having. You can start taking advantage of opportunities you thought were lost.
  • U.S. laws allow you to file for the green card by yourself. Your abusive spouse does not have to sponsor you and they do not have to know you are applying alone.
  • You can start the path to creating your best life: attend that school or obtain that job of your dreams.
  • You can start enjoying all the opportunities granted to you by that green card.

Those of you who fear the consequences of being killed should Immigration or the Police contact your spouse.There is no need for such fear.  No one will contact your spouse. Your spouse never will never know that you applied for your green card alone unless you or a family member tell them.

You have the choice to change your life today. If your life is in danger, please call the police. The police will not arrest you or have you deported.

Make today your best day. Take this opportunity to work, go to school, start a new life free from fear and abuse. Start living that life that you have always been dreaming about.  Please remember your best life will include:

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