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The greater city of New York has been on pause for the past two months. This outbreak of novel COVID-19 has made it harder to balance the feelings of urgency and anxiety you may have been experiencing.  As we’ve mentioned in a previous edition of The Weekly Pulse, there’s no set deadline, band-aid, or vaccine to fight against this crisis yet.

Here at The Law Offices of Marjory Cajoux, we are doing our best to keep everyone informed about the resources available during these unprecedented times. We understand that there has been a significant increase in domestic violence incidents. If you are living with an abusive spouse, reach out to someone, anyone, immediately, break the silence. If you are an undocumented alien in an abusive marriage with an American citizen or a greencard holder, break the silence. You will not be deported. You may be eligible to apply for a green card through a VAWA application. In addition we have also suggested self care routines to keep you and your family safe as well as ways you can support your local businesses, churches,neighbors and friends.

We are here for you in these hard times. Below is a list of resources available to you. We hope our list proves helpful in getting you back on your feet. We encourage you to view our past article on self-care tips as well as assistance if your employment has been affected by COVID-19. The list of resources includes:


  • U.S. Food & Drug Administration (A federal agency focusing on the public health by ensuring safety and security of human and veterinary drugs, protecting and promoting public health through the control and supervision of food safety, and much more)
  • CDC (A trustworthy source where you can stay updated regarding disease control, emergency preparedness, and much more)
  • WHO  (A trustworthy source you can use to stay informed about what’s happening globally and safety guidelines to practice)

Employment Services

  • https://www1.nyc.gov/site/sbs/careers/find-a-job.page  (This webpage has resources for Small Business Services and job opportunities for anyone seeking to become an essential worker)
  • Paycheck Protection Program (The Paycheck Protection Program is a loan designed to provide direct incentive for small businesses.The SBA loan helps businesses keep their workforce employment during the COVID-19 crisis.)
  • Unemployment Assistance – (The City of New York has developed a list of resources for those who may be unemployed due to COVID-19 or are seeking additional assistance.)



  • Get Food NYC Info (Anyone can use this map to find a location near your home that’s distributing meals for free, but keep in mind that hours and locations on this map are subjected to change.)
  • NYC Food Delivery Assistance (The City of New York is providing assistance to New Yorkers during this pandemic by delivering meals to those who cannot access to themselves.)

School & Education

Housing & Public Assistance

  • Cash Assistance – (If your work schedule has reduced as a result of COVID-19 and you’re unable to pay your rent, you can apply for Cash Assistance special grant request to receive benefits for emergencies.)
  • Tenant’s Rights for Tenants with COVID-19 or Under Home-Quarantine (Resources are available to you if you’re a tenant in the City of New York and are facing hardship due to this pandemic.)
  • New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA residents that experience a loss of income may qualify for a rent reduction. Households that have experienced a complete income loss may qualify for the Zero Income Policy.)
  • City of New York COVID-19 Hotel Program – (the City Of New York’s COVID-19 Hotel Program provides select individuals and groups a place to stay to reduce the risk of spreading of COVID-19 at home.)

Take advantage of these extra helping hands all around you today. You can start that new or better life you’ve long desired.

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