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Real estate transactions in New York are complicated.  You need a real estate attorney that has the knowledge and experience to help you navigate the complicated laws and contracts.  The Law Offices of Marjory Cajoux in NYC are here to assist you with the buying and selling of residential homes and property.  Whether you are buying your first home or a vacation retreat, we have the practical background to make sure your interests are protected.  We have the expert knowledge to help you buy a home whether it be a co-op, condo, town home, duplex, or single-family home. Trust our intimate expertise of the NYC real estate market to help you with contracts of sale, mortgages, loan modifications, short sales and deeds. We will work with your real estate office to make sure your transaction goes through smoothly and will be with you at your real estate closing to ensure a successful outcome.

You need a skilled residential real estate attorney to help you buy a home, sell a home, and especially to pursue real estate litigation. If you have to fight the banks, you want an experienced, trusted litigation lawyer in your corner. That's us! If you are faced with a real estate lawsuit, you want to know you have a powerful team on your side.  We have been Manhattan real estate litigation attorneys for over 20 years. You can trust our familiarity with the NYC real estate market and issues.

Foreclosures | Loan Modifications | Short Sales

We have the experience you need as foreclosure attorneys, and can help you to work through all kinds of residential real estate needs including loan modifications, short sales, and contested administration issues.  As real estate lawyers specializing in residential properties, we can also help you with loan forgiveness, loan modifications and fight for you against loan fraud.

Property Deeds | Record Deed  | Amended Deeds | Deed Fraud

When you buy or sell property, you will be transferring a deed of ownership.  A deed needs to contain very specific information in order to be legally valid.  Protect your property from deed fraud and mistakes by hiring the most informed real estate deed attorneys .  You may not even be aware that a deed was recorded against your property.  As residential real estate lawyers, we can assist you with recording deeds as well as deed amendments and changes and look into any suspicious deed activity.

Let us be your residential real estate lawyer for New York City including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.  We also offer real estate legal assistance to Long Island including Nassau and Suffolk Counties. And we are one of the few law offices that caters to clients from Haiti with Haitian lawyers.  We understand where you live and what you need.  Contact us today. 

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