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Can I lose my green card?

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2022 | Immigration

If you physically lose your green card, you can apply for a copy. Yet, in certain circumstances, you could lose the right to hold a green card altogether in certain circumstances. Once you lose it, the chances of ever getting back are slim.

A green card gives you permanent residence, but permanent comes with conditions. If you fail to meet them, you may need to leave the country. Here are some of those conditions.

If it was issued because you were going to marry, you need to have gotten married

The immigration authorities issue some who plan to marry a two-year conditional green card. If the marriage falls through, the green card goes with it.

You have not been a resident

To keep your right to permanent residency, you need to act like a permanent residency. If you have been out of the country for a considerable time or paid taxes in another country, the authorities may decide you do not meet their definition of resident and retract your green card.

You got the card fraudulently

It is crucial to fill out all immigration forms truthfully because the immigration authorities could take your green card off you if they find evidence of fraud. They might even do so if they suspect you of fraud, as many people accused of only marrying to get residence have found out.

It takes a lot of time, effort and money to get a green card. If you fear you are at risk of losing it, seek urgent legal help to protect your right to stay.