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Who can travel with you when you obtain a work visa?

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2022 | Immigration

Getting a job in the United States can be a great opportunity. Once you legally enter the country, you may eventually qualify for a green card. Later, you could become a naturalized citizen. 

If your employer wants to open a branch in the United States or accepts a project there, you may get a work visa. You could also accept a new position with a different employer because of your education and job skills. 

A work visa will give you the temporary legal rights to enter and live in the United States. That might mean that you have to travel thousands of miles away from your family. Can any of them potentially travel with you if you enter the country with a work visa? 

A work visa could benefit your immediate family members too

Your visa can create opportunities for the people closest to you. Although some workers entering the country for employment purposes travel alone, others bring their family members. Anyone who hopes to travel with you will need to fill out their own application and submit it to the same background check as you do. 

Provided that they meet the standards for immigration, they can come with you when you enter the United States and renew their visa at the same time you do. Your spouse will be able to travel with you if they receive approval for a visa connected to your work visa. You could also help your unmarried children under the age of 21 enter the country with you. 

Learning the rules that govern work-related visas can help you enter the country, possibly with your family.