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New Yorker’s are a special breed of people, we are an ambitious, creative, resilient, tenacious, forward thinking, trend setting collective. New Yorkers do not stand still, we are always on the go and striving to some form of a destination. At the start of each year that movement is demonstrated in the form of setting New Year’s Goals such as: traveling to Japan, going on a hike Upstate, starting a new hobby or losing an X amount of weight. As New Yorkers we don’t need a handbook, user’s manual, or roadmap of how to get this done, we just do it. This methodology has worked well until the introduction of the COVID-19 pandemic on March 16th, 2020. On that fateful day this great City of New York went to complete lockdown, schools and many jobs operating remotely, essential workers working around the clock to keep us safe, small and local businesses altering how they engage and serve their clients and ultimately citywide curfews. In spite of these challenges, we’ve preserved some might say better than expected given the information articulated by the federal government or the physical resources available to us at the inception of the crisis.  

After six months of fighting against COVID-19, we wanted to take this opportunity to look back at all we have accomplished as a City. We New Yorkers should be so proud of ourselves. We have accomplished a lot as a City and together we will continue to fight the good fight. Below is a reminder of the progress we have made as a city along with tips on staying safe in these unprecedented times. 

Phase One 

  • New York City gradually began reopening Monday, June 8th
  • The industries that reopened during Phase One were: construction, agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting, retail (limited to curbside or in-store pickup or drop off), manufacturing, and wholesale trade.

Phase Two

  • New York City transitioned into Phase 2 on Monday, June 22nd.
  • All office-based jobs, real estate services, and retail stores can reopen as long as they have a detailed plan of how they’ll meet state health standards. Office reopening are at the discretion of the business owner, some are choosing to opt out of opening right away others are bringing back employees in phases.
    • All office-based jobs – professional services, administrative support, information technology.
    • Real Estate Services – building and property management leasing, rental, and sales services.
    • Retail – in-store shopping, rental, repair and cleaning, barbershops and hair salons with limited service, motor vehicle leasing, rental, and sales.
    • Outdoor Dining

*As a reminder, The Law Offices of Marjory Cajoux office operations are as follows:

  • Our remote hours of operation are Monday – Friday 9:00AM-6:00PM (EST)
  • Our physical office site is available by appointment only
  • Prospective or current clients can make an appointment via telephone (718) 237-0411.
  • Our physical offices are open and serving clients by appointment only.
  • We are observing all safety precautions (wearing mask and gloves are mandatory)
  • Anyone seeking to speak to an attorney must call our office at (718) 237.0411.

Phase Three

  • On Monday, July 6th, 2020 New York City transitioned into Phase 3.
  • This includes personal care services such as tattoo and piercing facilities, appearance enhancement practitioners, fertility clinics, massage therapy spas, cosmetology, nail specialty, UV and non-UV tanning, and waxing, New York Public Libraries, indoor dog runs, basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, handball courts, and bocce courts have also reopened, but with social distancing policies enforce until it’s safe to resume normal functions.

The Final Phase – Phase Four:

  • On Monday, July 20th, 2020 New York City entered into the final phase which includes:
  • Low-Risk Outdoor Arts and Entertainment: outdoor zoos, botanical gardens, nature parks, outdoor agri-tourism, local agricultural demonstrations, and exhibitions (The New York Botanical Garden has announced that it plans to open under Phase 4, for example.)
  • Media Production: all activities undertaken in motion picture film, music, television productions, and streaming productions on set, on location, or at any production or recording site are now allowed to double capacity on set from 25% to 50% with no limits on outdoor filming. This means we will have new shows and films to watch in the very near future!
  • Professional Sports Competitions with No Fans: stadiums or arenas with professional sports events, except for collegiate sports, horse racing or auto racing. (The US Open is already scheduled to start on August 31st with no fans allowed.)
  • Indoor activities would not be allowed to restart under Phase 4 like it had originally called for. According to Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo, outdoors has proven to be the area where we’re seeing a lot of things work successfully. Indoors is where we all have concerns. Some indoor activities can exist with the proper restrictions.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo approved the reopening of indoor dining in New York City on September 30th with restrictions and guidelines. The Governor’s decision to allow restaurants to have indoor dining at 25 percent capacity is a major milestone in the management of the Coronavirus because it signifies that the rates of infection have sufficiently lowered to allow limited physical contact in confined spaces. The reopening restrictions and guidelines include:

    • 25% occupancy limit.
    • Temperature checks will be required at the door for all customers.
    • One member of each party will be required to provide contact information for tracing if needed.
    • No bar service – bars will only be used as a source of making drinks and serving them table side
    • Masks must be worn at all times when not seated at a table.
    • Tables must be six feet apart.
    • Restaurants close at midnight.
    • Restaurants should operate with enhanced air filtration, ventilation, and purification standards.
    • Limit air recirculation and allow for outside air ventilation.
    • Outdoor dining will continue in the interim.

New York City malls and Casinos have opened and now operate with enhanced air filtration systems. According to the Governor, New York City malls will reopen to crowds at 50% capacity, just in time for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season; occasions that are significant to children and families. Malls are mandated to follow strict safety measures including the enforcement of face coverings, social distancing, and seating. Casinos are also reopened with a 25% capacity limit and have to follow similar safety measures. All gambling and slot machines are stationed six feet apart per State guidelines. Physical barriers have been installed on all betting tables between the casino employees and the players; no food or beverages are allowed on the game floor. Our beloved New York City icon, Broadway is set to make its triumphant return in 2021 as well as other cultural greats including the Metropolitan Opera and the NYC Ballet. 

As always, we would like to remind you to continue: 

  1. If you are sick, STAY HOME, and consult your primary care physician before going to the hospital.
  2. Continue to practice social distancing by staying six feet apart from people, especially if you are at high risk due to advanced age or compromised immune system because of a pre-existing condition.
  3. Continue to wear cloth face mask in public especially when using UBER, LYFT, mass transit, restaurants, supermarkets, post office, and anywhere where social distancing is not possible. Face covering are most essential when social distancing is difficult!
  4. Wash your hands at least 20 seconds with warm water as frequently as possible, especially after you have been in a public place or after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing. 
  5. Use hand sanitizer at least 60% alcohol when soap and water aren’t readily available.

We encourage everyone to continue living your life the best you can, stay safe, and healthy.

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