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Just like that, she was gone …

Every now and then, it would be reported that she was admitted to the hospital and I would pray that she would hold on a bit longer. Each time she would be released and resume her duties. I would feel safe again. I took it for granted that she would be on the bench for years to come. I took it for granted that we would still have a voice in the Supreme Court, a voice of Dissent from a small tiny woman. A voice that gave us solace. On Friday September 18, 2020, she took her last breath. The voice was no more, and we were left lost straining to hear where a new voice of Dissent might be heard. I know that she did all she could. What can we do today to measure up?  She left us an incomparable body of work, within that body of work can we turn to that source and find answers?  Ruth Bader Ginsburg, I never met you, but on Friday, you left such a void, an emptiness.  Thank you for I am today better because of what you did yesterday.  We cannot allow her fight to go to waste. We must RUSH to the polls this November. VOTE in her name, please VOTE.  She fought for our rights as women to have a credit card in our own name, to be able to lease an apartment in our name, to close the pay gap across gender lines and to own our own businesses. We must continue to fight in her honor by voting this November. Please VOTE and read about all she did to improve the lives of women across America and influentially around the world.

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